Asbestos Crime In Sheffield And Nottingham

Sometimes we see a crime wave affecting Northumbria that originated in a totally different part of the country. In this case, it’s fly tipping of dangerous waste towards our south west border. There’s been an alarming rise of piles of rubbish at the side of country roads appearing overnight, a dangerous occurrence for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, it commonly contains asbestos or other dangerous materials, something which is expensive to clean up and prevent from causing a hazard to the immediate areas. As with all dangers to the public, they need to be dealt with quickly and effectively to minimise the risks involved. Inevitably, that ends up being paid for by the tax payer, rather than the irresponsible individuals or companies that are responsible.

Based on the recent examples of this illegal activity, the waste originated in Sheffield or Nottingham, as there was direct evidence of items either marked or registered to premises in those areas. It’s surprisingly easy to trace some items, simply by tracking their serial numbers back to items registered or owned at a specific address.

The most frustrating part is that it’s so easy for people to dispose of waste legally, even if it contains controlled substances. All you’d need to do instead of breaking the law is to get a quote from a reputable local asbestos removal company in one of those two cities instead of taking the irresponsible option.

Of course, it’s important to note that just because someone’s property ends up fly tipped, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re directly to blame. There are plenty of rogue companies out there offering to remove rubbish, particularly trade waste. That’s not to say the company hiring them shouldn’t be more careful, but they may be unaware of the consequences of their choice. Regardless, you are responsible for who you hire, and you could be prosecuted if you can’t demonstrate that you exercised reasonable due diligence.