Dealing With Fly Tipping

Fly tipping is a problem across the UK, with irresponsible individuals preferring to dump their waste (usually at the roadside), instead of using the correct channels. For residential waste, this is entirely pointless as councils operate free to access household recycling centres for residents. That probably means the majority of the crime is down to companies, some of whom are charging residents for waste disposal and then dumping it. Find out why you could get fined if you hire one of these waste disposal companies.

Work Life Balance And Fitness Requirements

Over the last decade, budgets have been successively cuts several times by the government, in the hop to balance the books. We look at how this has affected areas such as policing, firefighting, teaching and healthcare, and how the fitness of people working in these industries is essential for them to be carried out effectively.

Many staff are turning to getting the exercise that they need to maintain mandatory career fitness levels in their own time. Read more here.

Addressing Commercial Kitchen Crime

It might sound a little far fetched, but the North East is suffering from a crime wave, and of all places to target, it’s in the kitchen. Primarily targeting commercial kitchens in offices and restaurants, thieves are recognising and acting on the surge in the popularity of luxury kitchen appliances, particularly those that are small, such as high quality bean to cup coffee machines and ice cream makers.

Why Are Businesses Being Targeted?

Business premises are particularly vulnerable for a number of reasons, firstly that they are frequently unoccupied overnight. Secondly, the number of staff means that it’s possible people will assume a criminal is actually a genuine member of staff, and can go unchallenged when removing an item from the kitchen. After all, it would be a very bold move to steal an appliance from a kitchen while it’s open for business, wouldn’t it?

Berwick Upon Tweed has seen a 15% rise in non domestic burglary in early 2015.
Berwick Upon Tweed has seen a 15% rise in non domestic burglary in early 2015.

The latest crime figures for Northumbria clearly show which types of activity the thieves are engaging in, with areas including Bedlington, Blyth and Berwick seeing a marked rise in non-residential incidents.

Businesses in the local area are fighting back, by installing deterrents like better locks, and even employing the services of professional companies like CCTV system installers in Skelmersdale with the latest surveillance equipment to protect their premises. Of course, it won’t physically stop the thieves striking, but it is very effective in deterring most criminals, as they know they’ll be far more likely to be caught if they’re on camera.

Protecting Your Belongings And Investment

When you’re kitting out your premises to operate your normal business activities, you’re highly likely to be investing tens of thousands of pounds into getting yourself up and running, so taking the steps to protect your possessions should be seen to be as much of a necessity as the equipment itself. The necessary insurance is something you’re less likely to scrimp on, so why take the risk with your security efforts. Preventing criminals from striking will not only save you from the direct costs of replacing equipment (like insurance) but will also prevent the indirect costs of your business being out of action while everything gets sorted out.