Vertical Climber Rapid Fitness

Staying in shape is important for everyone, but for certain professions it’s an essential. A great example of that is our friends in the Fire Service, who have a to spend a significant amount of time making sure that they’re up to the physical demands of the job. We also regularly interact with the Police that keep the streets of Northumbia safe. They too have to maintain an acceptable level of fitness, as from time to time members of the public either need to be reached quickly or caught and detained quickly.

Sometimes, when we’re talking to members of the public (normal members of the public, not those on the run from officers!), they’re interested in how public servants like the police and firefighters manage to stay in shape alongside their daily duties. As with many professions, the time available to do the job has been put under pressure in recent years, with the staff numbers decreasing due to budgetary restraints. That’s had a knock on effect to the amount of time available to use the gyms that are often found in places like fire stations during normal shifts.

Fortunately, rather than having to deal with a slowly deteriorating level of fitness within our emergency services, many have chosen to join gyms outside of work, or invest in equipment at home. A popular choice has been the vertical climbing machines, which you can find out more about on this website. They provide a very quick way to raise the heart rate and in turn burn calories to both stay in shape and work on the fitness levels. Strength and fitness are crucial to their roles, but many also find that regular exercise also helps to deal with the stress that comes with the job too.

It’s something that we’ve been working on with other public services too, who have also been struggling with managing staff levels in recent years, such as teachers and NHS staff. It’s certainly not limited to these areas, but working harder and for longer hours seems to be an increasingly common problem in careers that fall under the government’s remit.